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Market Values for 1968-2003 Volkswagen Beetle

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Updated 07/20/2015
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Volkswagen Beetle, 1967 - 1969

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Generation Info
Years Made 1967-1969
Body Types convertible, sedan
Number Made 1,000,000+
Engine Options 1500cc
Max Power 54 hp
Max Speed 84 mph
Maintenance Costs
Parts & Support
Market Appeal

The new 1500cc engine in the 1967 Beetle was simply the most obvious of several changes. The new plant gave the Beetle 54 horsepower - just 4 more than the previous model - but the 1500 is widely considered the best engine in the best Beetle of the series. 1967 models were the first to use a 12-volt electrical system. 1968 Beetles received "Fresh Air" heat, which removed some (but not all) of the exhaust fumes from the heated air. 1968 was also the first year of the Automatic Stick, which is a three-speed automatic, with gear selection via a traditional stick gear shifter. 1968 Auto-Stick models were the first to receive the new upgraded independent rear suspension, replacing the swing axles that had been used since the 1930s. 1969 model Beetles received further upgrades, including an external fuel filler for the first time, and various other creature comforts. Models to find among 1500 Beetles include the 1967 year, for old-school purists, or the 1969 model for those who want a more modern experience. As always, convertibles are desirable.