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Market Values for 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

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Updated 07/20/2015
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Lincoln Continental Mark IV, 1959

Generation Info
Years Made 1959-1959
Body Types convertible, coupe, sedan
Number Made 11,126
Engine Options 430-ci OHV V8
Max Power 350 hp at 4,400 rpm
Max Speed 110 mph
Maintenance Costs
Parts & Support
Market Appeal

1959 saw very little change to the massive unibody Lincoln’s introduced the year before. Generally speaking, the only changes were in trim, highlighted by a grille which integrated both headlight nacelles. While tidier, it made the front of the car look even wider that it was. However, the American luxury car market of 1959 wanted garish tail fins, and Cadillac was had reached their peak (literally) this year. The biggest news was a new Executive model, the first factory offered limousine from Lincoln in the post-war era, thusly competing for the first time model for model with Cadillac. However, sales of the Mark IV were paltry in comparison to any Cadillac, except for their limited production Eldorado Brougham.