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Market Values for 1966-1977 Ford Bronco

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Updated 07/20/2015
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Ford Bronco, 1966 - 1977

Generation Info
Years Made 1966-1977
Body Types suv
Number Made 230,800
Engine Options 170-ci & 200-ci I6; 289-ci & 302-ci V8
Max Power 205 hp (302)
Max Speed 100 mph
Maintenance Costs
Parts & Support
Market Appeal

The Bronco was Ford's answer to the International Scout and the Jeep CJ, with simple styling and basic engineering that made it right at home both on and off-road. It featured an all-new chassis as well as 4x4 running gear from the F100 pickup, with flat glass and simple bumpers giving it a utilitarian go-anywhere feel. Built in several different styles, including a half-cab, wagon, and roadster, these square Broncos are still popular among collectors, with a variety of aftermarket parts available.