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Market Values for 1975-1989 Ferrari 308

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Updated 07/20/2015
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Ferrari Dino 308 GT4, 1974 - 1979

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Image caption
Generation Info
Years Made 1974-1979
Body Types coupe
Number Made 2,826
Engine Options 2926cc V8 cyl DOHC
Max Power 230 horsepower
Max Speed 150 mph
Maintenance Costs
Parts & Support
Market Appeal

A couple of firsts here: Ferrari's first ever V8 engine and the first mid-engined four-seater. The 308 was bigger than the Dino 246 (wheelbase extended by 8.4 inches) and much more practical. However, Bertone's angular styling did not come off well and that is the main reason why the 308 GT4 is the cheapest Ferrari of any description today - bargains abound if you steer clear of abused ones. There was also a 208 model, which was a 2-liter tax-break model for Italy alone. Not often seen this side of the Atlantic. The standard 308 3-liter engine gave decent performance. Ferrari badges not officially used until 1975 and the 'Dino' nametag was dropped in '77. Prices for an excellent 308 of this era start around $23,000 and don't go much higher than $28,000.