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Market Values for 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette

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Updated 07/20/2015
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Chevrolet Corvette, 1997 - 2004

Generation Info
Years Made 1997-2004
Body Types convertible, coupe, hardtop coupe
Number Made 248,715
Engine Options 5.7L V8
Max Power 345 hp to 405 hp
Max Speed 172
Maintenance Costs
Parts & Support
Market Appeal

The Corvette received a truly new design for 1997, with an all-new 350-ci LS1 V8 coupled to a rear-mounted transaxle—a Corvette first. Nearly every component had been redesigned, making the C5 lighter, stronger, and more efficient than the C4 it replaced. Thanks to the new rear-mounted transmission, which could be had in either 4-speed automatic or 6-speed manual versions, the new Corvette maintained a nearly perfect front-to-rear weight bias, which gave it better handling than previous models. The new Corvette was designed as a convertible, and hatchback and fixed-roof coupe versions simply add structural strength. C5 Corvettes to seek out include the 2001-2004 Z06 at 385-405 hp, and you might also notice the 1998 Indy Pace Car Replica, if you can stand the garish purple and yellow color scheme. It's unclear whether the Indy replica will ever have any collector value, but it might grow legs among the color-blind. In general, price the C5 era Corvettes as used cars, not yet collector cars.